Caregiver Training & Education

For Families

Less than 10% of caregivers know how to care for their loved one. The good news is that a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t have to destroy your family. The Broyles Foundation provides family caregivers with training in many areas, including:

  • Daily care
  • Communication
  • Caring for the caregiver
  • Multigenerational care
  • Family dynamics

For Professionals

The Broyles Foundation is nationally recognized as experts on Alzheimer’s caregiving. Our team is certified to provide Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for professional caregivers on a number of topics, including:

  • Understanding Alzheimer’s
  • Creative communication
  • Transition of care
  • Handling unwanted behaviors

For Businesses

Alzheimer’s Disease costs American businesses $61 billion dollars a year in health care expenses and lost productivity due to caregiver absenteeism. The Broyles Foundation can help.

For Your Employees
The Broyles Foundation partners with businesses to provide in-house resources, training, education and counseling for employees dealing with caregiving situations.

For Your Customers
Our one-hour course helps your staff respond warmly and effectively when serving customers who are living with dementia.

Become “Dementia Friendly”
By partnering with us to provide support and education to your employees, you can become certified by the Broyles Foundation as a dementia friendly business.

Topics of Discussion

Whether individually or with a group, we can speak to these and many other topics related to Alzheimer’s caregiving.

checkmark-blue How to Care for Someone on a Day-to-Day Basis
checkmark-blue Creative Communication: The Key Factor
checkmark-blue Taking Care of the Caregiver
checkmark-blue Easy ways to Improve your Quality of Life
checkmark-blue How Alzheimer’s Effects all Three Generations
checkmark-blue Communication with Youth Perspective
checkmark-blue Helpful Hints to Keeping Patients Calm
checkmark-blue Getting the Family Involved
checkmark-blue Communication with Families
checkmark-blue Thinking Backwards: Understanding the Disease
checkmark-blue Surviving the Holidays as a Caregiver


You have to know your opponent.

Frank Broyles

Founder, The Broyles Foundation

We Are Available to Help

If you would like someone to speak with your group, organization or support group, please request a speaker.


Dementia Friendly Partners




Coming soon, a new partnership between the Broyles Foundation, businesses, manufacturers and those living with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of Dementia.